Holly has never seen one of these before.

I shouldn't be laughing.

Don't you pay attention?

The cruelty of the torture in the police station is beyond description.

Always look on the bright side of life.

We'll pay for it.

We saw her on the beach.

I want to practice basketball with him.


You won't have any more trouble with Vladislav.

Most days he eats a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

This product is well known by its advertisement on television.

I'm going to have to ask you to put your phone away.

If you move a step, and you will be a dead man.

He asked her seven times to marry him.

I think there's someone out there.

Black cats are bad luck.

He definitely wanted to start a fight.

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I need your car.


In the morning I usually drink coffee, in the evening I drink tea.

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Markus doesn't sleep much anymore.

I have to call my father.

They gave me everything I needed.

Are you brothers?

David killed Goliath with a sling.

It's no use talking to him.

Every detail of his writing is carefully composed.

It's open ten to six daily throughout the year.

Rogue ran past Shaw.

It's just an idea.

Gretchen drives everybody up the wall.


Toby and Cliff are friends of my family.


Why did you tell him that?

I'm still married to Carole.

The girl's parents agreed to her request.


She took two pieces of baggage with her.

I need to make an urgent call. Is there a public phone near here?

In America everybody is of opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors.


He has built up an excellent business.

I'm finished with you.

Death is permanent.

Either one of us will be chosen.

This is the color of raspberries.

She's a Jewish American.

I'm sorry for the pain I caused you and your family.


Prices went up.

A home is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase so you don't want to make any snap decisions.

The concert was a huge success.

I only eat like this when I'm miserable.

He refused to conform.


Will you have a drink with me?

Button up your shirt.

The heavy snow kept us from going out.

I was kind of surprised to see Roland there.

I haven't been to Boston for a long time.

This is a suicide mission.

Bert never seems to know what to say.

Have we accomplished anything?

Mwa grew up in a middle class neighborhood.

I don't know when she decided to leave Rome.

Oysters are in season now.


Since Deb is honest, I like him.


Griff didn't seem to be very happy.


You will always be in my heart.


Graeme met Sandra on the way to school.


Do you think I was too mean to Subra?

Can you stop talking loudly on the phone at night?

Naim has done this once before.

Now they're frightened of leaving it.

I believe you know them.

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Jennifer often comes to Boston.

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I'm ready.


Jack is the tallest boy in his class.

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I think you can't understand that feeling unless you're from the same generation.

I said that I could, not that I would.

He seems not to have known it.

Kaiser will go to Germany next week.

We have to take steps to prevent air pollution.

He is mad about you.

He is older than she is by three years.

Have you flown before?

When watching TV, please ensure that the room is brightly lit and watch from a distance.

I already have a job.

It's a lot of fun going on trips.

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A giant wave flooded the canoe.


Are you sure that you know me?

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I'm angry because someone stole my bicycle.

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Good day. See you soon.

There's an exception to every rule.

We're doing everything possible.

Don't harass them.

What bliss to be loved! And to love, ye Gods, what bliss!

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Is there a problem with that?

I don't have Hui's money.

Can you save her?

If you don't have this software, you can download it now.

Damone was listening to her iPod.

I will not do it again.

I tried some of the chutney.


Frederic got an award for the highest sales at his company.

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We had a disagreement.

We called to remind him lest he come late.

I'm traveling alone.

What do you want to buy for her?

You cannot do it tomorrow.

Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind...

I want you to understand what I'm trying to say.


This movie may have an undesirable influence on children.

He not only speaks English, he speaks French as well.

Suu arrived just as I was going home.

Tobias was afraid to go back home.

It's going really well.


There's something I need.

I threatened to reveal his secret.

I've been on sick leave.

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He chopped down the branch with an ax.

We can definitely do it.

Do you always get what you want?

He was elected mayor of Boston.

If you could think positively every day, it would help you to live a lot better.


I cannot find a solution. Help me.

Guido will help you.

Whose turn is it to take out the garbage?

I want to know what's funny.

You have to make the right choice.

I have to find him.

Japan ranks among the economic powers of the world.


We can tell how much we've aged by looking at the faces of those we knew when we were young.

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My brother stayed in Rome for two days.

Milo, your food's getting cold.

Do you have any idea how lucky you've been?

You're ill, aren't you?

I can't hear myself speak.

Hold on for your lives.

Do you want the green or the blue?


It goes without saying that camels are very useful in the Middle East.

They decided to travel back in time to save Pierce.

On a bright December morning long ago, two thinly clad children were kneeling upon the bank of a frozen canal in Holland.

The boy is mad for a bicycle.

They're very poor.


Rahul said he wanted to kill himself.


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

He traveled about the world.

This moment will nap, you will have a dream; But this moment study,you will interpret a dream.

You're scared to go home, aren't you?

Would you like to live in Mumbai?

The teacher began to shoot questions at me.

Maybe we can buy her a new one.

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In Germany ghosts don't pay taxes.

Laurie was arrested for murder.

I'm going to the toy store with the children.

I don't usually burn incense at home.

He came only as a witness to the light.

I am no match for him in diplomatic shrewdness.

I'm glad I'm here.


She started to engage in sexual activity.

Dan wrote another check for Linda.

Have you undergone any surgery before? For what reason?


I thought you went to the game.


He sat next to her.


He was compelled to resort to violence.